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X Ways A Smart Home Can Elevate Your Life

Switching lights, fans on or off, adjusting A/C temperature, changing TV channels and much more… just by voicing a command! Technology has come a long way from checking through a peephole to checking the front door camera via an app on your mobile/monitor to see who is at the door!
From smart fridges, Amazon Echo that can control all multiple gadgets, embedded sensors that control your home temperature, smart security camera with night vision, the list is endless. Home automation has totally take over the running of our daily appliances.
A home equipped with cutting edge intelligent technology that automates day-to-day activities is commonly referred to as a smart home. Home automation is an interconnected system of devices managed via a mobile app, which allows users to monitor their home devices.
Smart homes are all the rage currently. So why are so many buyers enamored of home automation? Here are X ways a smart home can elevate your life…

The fact that you can manage all your home appliances from one place is just an enormous convenience. Home automation technology lets your home be connected through one interface which is very user friendly, which even a non-tech savvy person can easily operate.

Cost effective
Although the initial investment in installing a home automation system is substantial but in the long term it is considerably cost effective. Not just energy bills but investing in a home automation system can add value to your home, increasing its price in the resale market.

Energy savings
Smart home technology is environmentally friendly with the system programmed to make appliances use minimum energy. Sensor detectors, intelligent heating, cooling and temperature controlling systems, auto turn off stoves when not in use, water heaters that automatically cut off power once the water is heated, showers that detect how much water to dispense etc. all go a long way in reducing the amount of electric power used, drastically cutting on your monthly electricity bills.

Another big advantage of having a smart home is that even if you are out of town you can manage your home yourself. No need to bother your neighbors to keep an eye on your home.

Remote access & control
The convenience of being able to remote control your home from a distance is huge. Whether it is pre-cooling your home on a hot day before you return from work, checking up whether the nanny is taking good care of your kids, if the helper is doing her duty with your elderly mother, confirming if the lights, doors are closed properly etc. Home automation affords its users visual comfort and security regarding their homes when away.

Time saver
As the automated system is programmed to start, monitor and complete a number of chores (starting a washing cycle, starting the dishwasher, pre-setting temperatures, switching on/off lights) it will save a lot of time and energy for indulging in your favorite activities, a time that might have been spent doing these daily chores.

Improved appliance functionality
Smart homes fitted with home automation systems can also help you run your appliances better. From helping choose the most effective TV channels that suit your taste, a microwave programmed to cook your favorite recipe just the way you like it, home theater system that makes entertainment choices (movies, music) when guests come over and so many other instances. Connecting the appliances to an intelligent technology will definitely improve your appliances over all functionality.

Reduced data plan payments
Today every home has WiFi connectivity, from work to bills, to online shopping, to kid’s school projects everything runs on the internet. A common high bandwidth connection, set up via a home automation system, can mean that multiple people in your family can access one network via a single account helping you cut down on monthly data plan payments.

Flexible connectivity
A connected home offers you the mobility and flexibility of working from any corner of your home. It means that you can access a net connection anywhere in your house… just take your laptop and choose your spot, whether it is the living room, a recliner in the terrace or even the comfort of your bedroom. In fact some latest home networking technology can even route your HDTV signals around your house, freeing your TV set to be anywhere a wireless signal can reach!

Peace of mind
Whether it is checking the security of your home from work place, making sure that the lights, fans, water are off or more, the fact that you can inspect your home even when you are away is a big load off your mind. No more worrying if everything at home is in order!
These multiple benefits have established the advantages of having a smart home equipped with home automation systems. Earlier it was thought that Smart homes were the future of home automation… but with rapid integration of technology in our homes it must be said that the future home automation is already here today!
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